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The om Mobile shop loungeThe om Mobile shop Lounge is a unique state-of-the-art concept store introduced by The om Mobile shop Limited, pinned as the future of mobile retailing. A place that makes technology easy, The om Mobile shop Lounge, is a one stop Smart Phone shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, complimenting accessories and brand experience zones all under one roof. It showcases ‘live experience’ to bring out the power of technology for everyday consumer use.

who have extreme comfort with gadgets and bring alive usage of smartphones to the customers. They are not the conventional sales staff but they are Tech Buddies. The om Mobile shop Lounge is the first ever store with complimenting accessories for each phone placed below the phone. So a customer doesn’t really need to look around what compliments his handset.

Our History

The om Mobile shop website was launched in 2003, but its story actually began some 8 years before that when a group of college friends decided to go into business together. We started selling phones in shops, but our combined ambition, drive and abilities soon made us look for new challenges and new markets.

We do our best to keep things simple and make sure our customers get the right phone, on the right plan at the right price. Plus, we very often also give them President’s Choice gift cards to use to buy groceries!

We are proud to offer choice from 7 leading wireless providers including PC® mobile, and we have a complete selection of the latest mobile phones and accessories, so when you’re ready for a new phone you never have to shop around.

So the next time you are grocery shopping, stop by and see us. We look forward to meeting you!


We have been in the business for quite a while now, and it that time we have not only managed to make close relationships with numerous suppliers all over the world, but also to recognize what people need. This means that we are always able to offer all the latest phones, great prices, reliable service,and premium customer support.


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